Taking a Break from Facebook

And yet, I still feel the need to share what I am making for dinner, because I am one badass mother fucker in the kitchen.

About to do some on fly variations on breaded zucchini coins and carrot salad (without mayo, and spicing up my grandma’s mustard dressing for potato salad), and then I might make some potato salad, because I am out of greens for lunches until Wednesday, and I do really need to slow my roll now that I am pretty much done moving. It’s time to ease off the carbs, boost the greens, and roll steady on the fats. Also, there is no longer a 7 o’clock yoga class on Monday nights, so I got nothing but time, shit.

I abandoned my garden, but trespassing or no, those are my plants, and I am not giving up epic tomato goodness because someone happens to be a fat, lazy, slob that doesn’t mind sharing their home with American cockroaches. Nope. He is a non-confrontational fat, lazy, slob. This should work to my advantage.

The more you eat, the hotter it burns.