Curtin Mansion

The Sonora plot thickens as a rare thunderstorm strikes Redding.

Surely, Universe, you brought this up on my radar for a reason.

I am fairly certain this is the house I dreamed about this morning.

I won’t go into vast, and insane details, but I just want to be able to live here and take part in the restoration.

I’m going to promptly forget this and go make brownies or something, but…

Update 9 AUG 2011

Weird that this page has two hits this week and I was thinking about writing a letter to Lee Adler, begging him to buy it, and offering to do my best to assemble a crew to begin the restoration, and that I myself would do the work to ensure that the restoration was done to the Secretary of the Interior’s standards and write up the nomination paperwork for it to get on the National Register of Historic places.

In fact on Sunday I was just thinking about this house and its fate. It seems that it was purchased shortly after I had the dream and wrote this post in March. Indeed the plot thickens, so to whoever was looking, if you comment on this, I will help with the National Register nomination.


Sonora, Part II

Today we watched this documentary about green architecture. It was some PBS series, e 2 design. The architect, Sergio Palleroni, was a professor at UT (Austin was my second home until I moved to California). Anyhow, they went down to Sonora, MEXICO to build low income housing for some indigenous people there out of local materials. It was a total AH-HA moment. Something about the Sonora signpost/connection and the pastel-painted adobe and the amazing sunlight in the courtyards…. I am homesick for Dunsmuir most definitely, but I think I’m meant to be on a farm in the valley, with an adobe house I helped to build myself, living communally with some down ass folk, and raising goats with orchards and maybe olives and almonds.

Sonora is on the radar, and I hope to get down there this summer. (the California one anyhow)

A juicer is only about $100. I might have to play with numbers some more, but I think I am ordering one.

Microlending presented itself to me after finding yesterday that banks no longer pay interest on savings accounts. 0.05% Really? What the fuck is that? Might as well take part in something mutually beneficial instead.

It snowed today and there is currently a winter storm warning (for 3 inches of snow!?!). Let’s see if the power goes out.