Solfeggio For the Moon Melon

Happy music ice crystals!

Quantum Cognition 285 HZ

Liberation from Fear and Guilt 396 HZ

Transmutation/Undoing Situations/Facilitating Change 417 HZ

This is the one our Wisconsin friends need today as they go to witness the fall of Babylon. Here is your power to change fear and lack into love and abundance!

Transformation and Miracles 528 HZ

Integrating Structures/Connecting/Relationships 639 HZ

Consciousness Expansion/Awakening Intuition 741 HZ

Silver Violet Flame 825 HZ

Returning to Spiritual Order 852 HZ

Mastery 936 HZ

Numinous Accord 963 HZ

That’s all for this one. I decided to add a page on my blog so this will be easy to return to. It will contain additional frequencies as I come across them and links for aural healing.


Earth Healing

Okay Zakary, what do you think I have been doing for the past…. oh… who knows how long. I know this was not for me, but…. What I got from this meditation is that my dragon is red/yellow/orange/copper now. It is warm-hued and on fire!

Also on my wave today:

Nature Was My Teacher


Peace y’all.