Juicing is Addictive

So check it out…

I have eaten almost all of my farm box and the avocados Jeremy got for me, and it’s only Friday.

Swimming today at Brandy Creek beach: I was really amazed at my power. It feels so fucking amazing to be out in the middle of the lake, treading water, surrounded by light and mountains. I probably was only swimming for like a half an hour total. I spent some time sun bathing and reading up on solar food dehydration (I got the book from the library). I’m not sure that we have room for a contraption on the balcony (the green things are about to take over my space), and we will probably have to make it in Chico because we don’t have tools, but…

Just like this week. I ate a pound of strawberries and five limes, bham!, in one day. But no canker sores. Today in addition to a smoothie and salad and juice, I ate a nectarine and a half pint of blueberries. My lunch was just blueberries. Wild, right? I walked 4 miles and swam for a half an hour.

Tomorrow is Upper Seven Lake. We get to see how horribly out of shape I am.

I figured out the trapezius are the secret muscles to work for popping up heel-side on my snowboard. Also maybe the lateral fibula muscle. I have a lot of work to do.

But yeah, so I’ve been expecting/waiting for this to happen for the last 2 and half years. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t know if I can afford to eat like this. The farm helps so much and living here, yeah, no way I could do it say in West Central Illinois or Western Kentucky. But here I am!

So thank my lucky stars (speaking of lucky stars, I saw a meteor tonight) I made it home and praise Zakary for motivating me to manifest this in my life now and thank the Lord for everything and thank Jeremy for being an awesome, amazing, patient man, wise teacher and kind lover.

Gotta goooooooooo!

Night night.

First triple digits today in… however long it’s been. It just crept up to 100 today.


Adventures in “Transition” Foods

A timeline…

  • 1994 – People think I’m a vegetarian because they never see me eat meat. That’s just because I wasn’t really big on processed meat. You could sure find me eating steak or chicken now and then at home.
  • 1995 – “Mom, you don’t cook with love. What’s this food out of a box? Only cereal should come in boxes.”
  • 2003 – Started getting free range eggs and quit eating chicken due to the fish-like smell of factory chicken. Tried organic jam and thought it was the slam.
  • 2006 – Starting cutting out HFC, as much a possible. I have yet to find an acceptable substitute for chocolate syrup. I tried one sweetened with cane juice, and it didn’t have the right texture.
  • 2007 – Tried to get organic as much as I could afford to. Organic milk started to have a noticeably better taste. Began eating smooties for breakfast almost everyday.
  • 2008 – Was too poor for fruit smoothies. Had to switch to banana and peanut butter.
  • 2009 – Got really big on the “grow your own”, farmers’ markets, and CSAs. Moved to California. Experienced phenomenal improvement in health. Weened myself off of all prescription medication. Discover Lara bars. Who knew I could eat dates?
  • 2010 – Brief stint in Kentucky. Health seemed to deteriorate. More determined than ever to only eat whole, organic foods I prepared myself. Return to California and vow to never go back east of the Mississippi, well, maybe to visit, maybe.
  • 2011 – Join CSA. Save bundles on food. Acne clears up, mostly. Discover almond milk as a way yummier non-GMO alternative to soy milk. Zakary’s raw February inspires me.

Okay, so I finally finally got a juicer. I think I wanted one before Zakary did his raw food adventure, but I thought, “It’s too expensive… It’s too messy… I’m too lazy….” But after joining the CSA I just had loads and loads of produce, especially apples and carrots. I’ve only juiced 4 days so far, but I think I’m like addicted.

So then Zakary posts this video one of his friends made and I am like, “Damn! I need a dehydrator!” I wanted to make a solar one for the balcony, but I am waiting to get the book from the library. No sense buying it. I’m still poor…. still need clothes and cavities filled, so….

Now I just got a Ronco 1993 model 187-04 dehydrator.

But okay, the vegan carrot cookies were good. Soup I tried to make with the carrot, celery, broccoli pulp, eh…. Using the apple and plum pulp in my smoothie as a banana substitute gets a thumbs up.

Jeremy likes juicing too, and we want to get a higher end one so we can juice leaves.

I also got a food chopper. I was misinformed that it was a processor, so I dunno, I like my knife for chopping and mincing. But you can’t make Lara bars or crackers that way, which is why I wanted one, because you also can’t do that in a blender.

So the rest of my little soul family has been on my mind so much the past couple of days. I am thinking about picking up the phone and calling them both. Even though I haven’t in  over two years. Even though I feel stupid because I know they love me and I don’t want to be a distraction to them, or sidetrack myself. But I miss them so much and I feel so compelled to remind them in the “real world” how much I love them. I feel like I need some kind of affirmation or approval. I mean, really this morning, it’s like every single memory I ever had of Emily flooded me. If I am feeling so fragile and raked over the coals right now, how must she feel? Because I feel she embodies a lot more feminine energy than I do.

Or just, like a year ago, I remember how much I wanted this unity consciousness, but now I feel like I am in a tumbler. I feel like I am feeling their feelings and I know they are feeling mine and there is no privacy and I feel so very very uncomfortable around other people. When I am transparent, I feel misunderstood or at least only partially understood by other people and then, on top of that I feel like they’re not ready to be transparent to the people I interact with here.

Two years ago “transmutation” was the buzz word, but now I feel like I am above that frequency, or beyond it, not above. I mostly exist in another world. Time has become almost completely meaningless this week. I would not be surprised at all if next week I just end up walking in the forest and end up finally getting home. What will that look like to 3-D?

Jeremy transmutates and translates for me in the real world and I am lucky enough to work with high vibrational people, so that if I focus really, really hard, we can communicate and work as a team.

Also, even though I never had much control over what was going to happen, I had a pretty good idea of what was happening and what was going to happen. With this dissolution of time, I have much more control (hello juicer, dehydrator, and chopper!) but absolutely no freaking clue when or how anything will manifest. Guess I don’t know myself as well as I should, and maybe this is my need to talk to Adam and Emily is because they know me, strange as that may seem.

I almost made a much longer loop today and was thinking about Mt. Shasta and McCloud (and Etna and Eureka and Willow Creek) because I want to talk to Zak too. I just want some face time with someone who gets it and gets me.  I left Weaverville (bonus medicinal plant workshop with Ted Dawson this afternoon) with the intention of letting Spirit guide my adventure. I ended up taking some crazy county route dirt road to French Gulch. I love how I can disappear into the forest with less than an hours’ drive. I can be completely alone in nature, with break-taking vistas before me. It’s so awesome! It’s the vastness and solitude that amazes me.

Hang on for night 4. I seem to be doing better during the “nights” of Carl Calleman’s 9th wave Mayan calendar. It’s like so far the days have just blasted me and then during the nights I can process it a little, maybe. Pretty much, I think I lost my mind some time ago.

So… now I’m back to the mattress manifestation (and single family home and kitties and garden and living in Dunsmuir).

(I may be back to edit this later. I’m not sure if it makes any sense.)