Nourishing Traditions

I am wondering if anyone has read Norishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and if this is worth reading and/or purchasing.

I am also wondering why spirit does not seem to want me to go skiing today. I feel like I should stay home and read stuff on the Internet and maybe lay on the floor and stretch out my back. I am sort of getting tired of reading stuff on the computer though, but I don’t have that many books here, and none of them seem particularly interesting to me. Kind of like the people here. I am still feeling stuck and lost and lonely. I am trying to figure out why I am having problems doing stuff by myself and on my own. I haven’t had an issue with this since June or so. I am wondering if it is because it is winter, or if it is because I feel that I have lost my link with my Rainbow Warrior. I guess maybe I feel like I keep looking for coping mechanisms. Even if those coping mechanisms keep getting more and more positive, they are still coping mechanisms.

I find this thing of people here too, in Northern California in general, is that they want to be fiercely independent, but to the point at which it is dysfunctional. We were not designed to be purely autonomous beings. We are social creatures. We were designed for interdependent independence. I really feel that I need more deeply intimate relationships with high vibrational, intelligent, creative, fearless individuals. I understand that the population density here is very, very low compared to where I came from before, but rather than this feeling liberating as it did during the summer, I am now finding it to be extremely frustrating.

I did this chakra tuning last night, and it was pretty amazing. I love how at the beginning of each tuning frequency, I could feel that particular chakra vibrating.


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Marie-Louise von Franz: synchronicity is a manifestation of a much wider principle of “acausal orderedness” and represents “acts of creation in time.”

Upon arriving in the village the rainmaker had realized that a state of disharmony was present and consequently the normal processes of nature were not operating according to their proper design. The rainmaker himself was also affected, so the old man retired to his hut to compose himself. When his internal harmony was restored and equilibrium established, then the rain fell, as it is its natural pattern to do so.

An obvious example of such synchronicities are the simultaneous discoveries made by scientists who are not in direct communication with each other.

Here we wonder about transmissions and receivers. Raeven and Nadeanna did some deep work last October setting up golden grid transmission towers in the light matrix grid portal. These transmissions reached some form of reception in nearly awakened sleepers to push them to a critical point of more full awakening. This is the time that the transmission node concept was formed.

Even more striking synchronicities can be found when such parallel evolutions of thought take place in totally different fields. What constitutes a totally different field? Chemistry and cultural anthropology? Physics and fashion? Ecology and economics? Are the differences really more striking than the similarities? These synchronicities therefore must transcend the normal laws of science, for they are the expressions of much deeper movements that originate in the ground of the universe and involve, in an inseparable way, both matter and meaning.

Paradoxically phenomena emerge. Indeed it is as the notion of causality is pushed to its limit, in an effort to explain such systems, that its usefulness begins to break down, because nature acts in ways that are much closer to those of an organism than a machine. That the simple view of any two objects or actions, however realated, can never give us any idea of power, or of a connection betwixt them. It’s times like these you learn to live again. It’s a new day rising. Some systems could be said to have their own internal time in which certain time scales are coupled or, are independent of each other, interdependent independence, rather than co-dependence. While systems in total equilibrium may lack any real sense of time. Flows emerge. Part of the mind may therefore be involved in a sort of timeless awareness of the butterfly effect put forth by Edward Lorenz. Networking, the limits are extended. It seems to stretch out over the entire earth and ultimately the universe in the realization that we are all star seeds. Indeed if any phenomenon is examined in fine-enough detail it will turn out that “everything causes everything else.”

He finds the patterns of acquaintanceship and interaction in which people arrange themselves to be endlessly fascinating. Here we find ourselves on the darkened streets of San Francisco wondering if we should ring the buzzer in a neighborhood far too affluent for our comfort. This feeling is eerie. The pre-salon anticipation seems to be brought forth from an earlier life as we peer forward into our future. We have not experienced this before. What are we even doing here? The coincidences of Asheville, North Carolina take us back to Scott Joplin’s flat in St. Louis Missouri. Here was the womb of jazz, the epicenter of the impending earthquake of the brainwaves of the holy ones in the city where we have seen ourselves standing some future night.

While extending the chain of causality into an ever more complex network may be logically valid, it has no practical significance beyond producing nuggets of automatic writing like the gold still undiscovered in the Trinity River. Moreover, when more complex and subtle systems feel good. You’ve got a new horizon. It’s ephemeral style. A melancholy town where we never smile, and all I wanna hear is the message beep. Take it all in on your stride. It is sinking, falling down. Love forever. Love is free. Let’s turn forever you and me. Watch the way I navigate. Captain, steady. The very fine-tuned effects may turn out to be more and more important and quite novel forms of behavior begin to emerge.

There are advantages to being well traveled. We hold the energy of so many places. We can trace the similarities like the tattoos on our lover’s back. Keep your more to receive your less. Unimpressed by material excess. Love is free. Love me. Say hell yes! There’s a river born to be a giver. Keep you warm won’t let you shiver. His heart is never gonna wither.

The power of positive thinking will overcome so many things. I’ll say, “What do you mean I can’t do that?” It’s impossible to ignore. They’ll come true. Impossible not to do. Now I tell you openly. You’re everything to me. Changing? But we’re always changing. You’re a dream to me.

The results were, in part, quite predictable.

Dr. R. H. Peters: “This view simply does not apply in ecology.” When causality and determinism are employed in something as complex as an ecological system, it gets sticky. I mean absolutely down ‘n’ dirty. Do it! The networks involved become evermore complex. There was snow, white snow, illuminated to a blue glow by the light of the wolf moon. You should be here by now. It was a long night in December when he came to replace you. It all started in the basement with cut-ups and poetry, and faded as quickly as the Pleiades meteors I sent your way. I took my love down to the lava vents to hide it. If you love me produce negligible corrections. You look so defeated. Others may “blow up” and totally change the nature of the solutions. I guess you’ve decided. Any attempt to reduce all the facets of nature to a causal chain will simply fail. Moreover, while the example of the lake includes a living system, this high degree of subtlety is also found in inanimate space. You caught me terrified. Weather systems, to say good-bye. Good-bye. The dynamics of fluids, rivers, plasmas, and even shock waves. Oh how I wanted to stay there on the coast, but we were dancing on a volcano, dormant all this time.

Galileo, therefore, taught that in order to uncover the laws, regularities, and patterns of nature, it was necessary to first abstract phenomena from nothing at all, but the mountain and the moonlight eerily illuminating the numinous clouds not quite lifted from the lower slopes. Considering the laws in isolation from the contingencies of everyday life, what excuses do you have to make now luv? Tomorrow is just an excuse away. Causality is an idealization, a reality that only exists within the imaginary, over-simplified world of equations and computer simulations. Hope everything is all right performing thought experiments in this cosmic confluence.

It is more natural to think of events unfolding out of a continuous background rather than built up in a piecewise fashion out of distinct elements. He passed upon the stairs. I said I was his friend, which came as a surprise. I spoke into his eyes. Oh no, not me! I never lost control. When things are indistinguishable and flow into one another, the chains are broken. I must have died alone, a long, long time ago. The gestures all flow out of the same ground, the music itself, becoming conjunctions of external events. I stand before the orchestra and suddenly the dream is translated. I can finally hear the voice of my soul. That song, I send through the arborescent network beginning in the ponderosa pines of radiant sunlight some enchanted afternoon east of McCloud. Only by concentrating on this sound and yielding to it may we recognize its essence and effect. Can you feel me baby? Just hold me. I’m breaking down. I am only coming through in waves. Love is like a little boat upon the sea, an expression of the total notion of the ocean motion is folded into the region upon which the boat currently resides. Collective motions and the emergence of significant resonances will be discovered in divine harmony. Collectivity and individuality can exist within the same system. Within each element of matter and space-time is enfoldeded the entire universe, the holograph. When the space between this lattice reaches a critical point, chaos is transformed into a completely novel kind of manifestation, beginning to oscillate as one.

We are no one. We are one. In random chaotic motion all resistance evaporates. The current, once established will continue to flow for hundreds of thousands of years. Radically new forms of behavior emerge at critical points through the cooperative action of the whole. Small loads produce small effects, without you. But then, suddenly the smallest addition produces a drastic change in the system. The emergent phenomena bring unexpected discontinuities and burst open long sealed gateways. Meaningful localized patterns can unfold out of a general background. Where flows of matter and energy sustain a system away from its equilibrium point, it becomes possible for new forms and orders of structures to grow. This is the blade dance luv. This is tipping the ship. These new forms can be remarkably stable, provided that a proper flow-through of constant change is possible. A self-sufficient form could be said to contain its own meaning. This is love, when we come together across the miles and join into the entity we make together, we define each other. We become an explicit expression of the meaning of the whole system. The emergence of each novel form is, from the beginning, implicit or enfolded within the whole system as its potentiality.

The seeds of synchronicity will eventually flower into a unity of consciousness and the universe, the meaningful unfoldment of potential. The deeper we probe, the more marvelous and meaningful it becomes, emerging out of the heart of nature.