What if Inertia Didn’t Win?

The law of thermodynamics also mentions that an object in motion tends to stay in motion. What if, by some strange application of zero point energy creation, of which I may be a participating party to, yet not fully comprehending, energy were transferred to me, keeping me in a robust position of limitless energy, which I then transferred to inert bodies? Then the bodies to which I transferred energy created from zero point fields in a higher dimension would be in motion in the third dimension, tending to stay in motion, breaking apart ingrained paradigms of lack. I would facilitate the transference of abundance paradigms to our physical reality. Motion, constant flow, would win the day. Change and chaos would be masters of this new realm. This is the world in which I exist, the world of Shiva Dance, where joy is the constant stream of destruction and creation ebbing into increasingly complex and aesthetically pleasing forms of emergent phenomena, unfolding and folding in onto themselves.

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