Saving Farmland and Open Space

Before I went to bed last night I saw that Mary had emailed me back about the Churn Creek Bottom issue. I collected approximately 40 signatures today and registered to vote in Shasta County finally. It was not so bad, because it was at the farmers’ market and everyone is against building another stupid strip mall. I am going to try to get everyone at work to sign the referendum and the initiative.

I’m proud of all that, but I’m disappointed I didn’t have the energy or courage to go canvas my neighborhood.

I really dislike political activism. I think politics really need to go the way of money, but what would happen if no one did anything and we just let some stupid motherfuckers pave over our farmland? It would be like back east, and it would suck. It does make it easier when everyone is on board with you, so I didn’t really feel like I had to “sell” anything, but our representatives of course no longer represent their constituents, so…

I was pretty much on my feet from 6:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. today. My feet and calves were swollen and achy. I managed to fold two loads of laundry and read some Robert Johnson books that Jeremy has been harassing me about, but I took a nap, and didn’t accomplish much else. I’ve been a little restless since my nap, but no real energy, and still completely unable to be distracted. I just laid looking at the sunlight on the live oaks and gray pine for awhile. The light has an October hue to it. It’s been pretty strange since the CMEs, or since Thursday evening in any case.

I hope that Jeremy comes home tomorrow. It’s been a rough week and my sorrows need comforting.


Some Days

I’m really, really upset about the Churn Creek bottom Commercial Center. It’s gotten through the county regulatory red tape and they are going to rezone agricultural land, where my food comes from! I guess right now we are just collecting signatures. I am still flabbergasted that anyone would try to build a shopping center in a recession/depression, and in the prime agricultural land that supports Redding, Cottonwood, and Anderson, in a major watershed of the Sacramento River. Are you fucking retarded? I guess I’m not really worried that it will get built in the immediate future, because there’s no profit in it at the moment. Since I learned about it in December or January, I’ve just been convinced that the idea was so ludicrous that there were no way for it to come into being.

I’m also really upset about the Rawsome raid. You can call here to protest to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Honestly, I do think you should have to obtain a permit to sell unpasteurized dairy, but those permits should be inexpensive and easily attainable, like not more than getting a fishing license or a drivers’ license. And of course, those foods should be labeled so that consumers can choose whether or not to buy raw dairy products. I love unpasteurized cider in the fall, and there is no where to get that unless you own your own apple orchard and cider press.

Then Liz hasn’t gotten her disability check from the V.A. and is getting evicted. Apparently one of Liz’s friends found a lawyer to take Taylor’s case to get his record expunged. If Liz can get sole physical placement of the girls, maybe part of my family is coming home. Wisconsin is like… but one of my other friends is doing really well. I think she might just be high of pregnancy hormones, but take what you can get hey?

It’s all about perception and attitude, but I am really upset about the attack on food. I see this as an attack on collective well-being.

Also, there are some days when I feel so, so blessed for being able to be here, for having the job I have, and for my continuing relationship to the kindest, wisest, most patient, most attractive man I have ever known. I am so lucky!

I just wish everyone else could be connected to nature, self-aware, eating healthy food and be so, so lucky too!

This video is pretty bad, and I know video is not great for perceiving auras and glow, but I was really struck by the difference in energy of the protesters versus the SWAT team. The difference in person must have been like… a slap in the face, really powerful. Just think, even if some hippie raw-milk drinking protesters are a little “out-there”… but who would you rather be like? Alive or enslaved in fear? I could also perceive the fear and discomfort of the officers. “I hate my job, but I need to take care of my kids.” Remember, there is always more cake, and there is always another way.