Nourishing Traditions

I am wondering if anyone has read Norishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and if this is worth reading and/or purchasing.

I am also wondering why spirit does not seem to want me to go skiing today. I feel like I should stay home and read stuff on the Internet and maybe lay on the floor and stretch out my back. I am sort of getting tired of reading stuff on the computer though, but I don’t have that many books here, and none of them seem particularly interesting to me. Kind of like the people here. I am still feeling stuck and lost and lonely. I am trying to figure out why I am having problems doing stuff by myself and on my own. I haven’t had an issue with this since June or so. I am wondering if it is because it is winter, or if it is because I feel that I have lost my link with my Rainbow Warrior. I guess maybe I feel like I keep looking for coping mechanisms. Even if those coping mechanisms keep getting more and more positive, they are still coping mechanisms.

I find this thing of people here too, in Northern California in general, is that they want to be fiercely independent, but to the point at which it is dysfunctional. We were not designed to be purely autonomous beings. We are social creatures. We were designed for interdependent independence. I really feel that I need more deeply intimate relationships with high vibrational, intelligent, creative, fearless individuals. I understand that the population density here is very, very low compared to where I came from before, but rather than this feeling liberating as it did during the summer, I am now finding it to be extremely frustrating.

I did this chakra tuning last night, and it was pretty amazing. I love how at the beginning of each tuning frequency, I could feel that particular chakra vibrating.