I wished for the wind and it came to me and caressed me like a conjured lover.

To those messing with my juju: the Colorado voyage is temporarily on hold, stop investing in it happening now. I love you baby. You know this. Be out there alone. Work hard. Be in joy. What I am investing in is ma honey coming in on the morning train, coming to my front door with our feline child kitten familiar, and the colored sand mandalas and zen garden. Later on will come Colorado, St. Louis, Chicago, Lake Michigan, returning to the urban interface, and the art houses. Now is the time of the Cascade forests, stargates, and watersheds. You Captain, I do not think shall make the Soda Creek Ridge connection. You already made these decisions against California last year when the door was wide open.

In fact, I may not spend any quality time with you until the farm co-operative. I mourn your loss. We have a long way to heal the earth before I will not disintegrate coming back east.

To the other, it’s really annoying when your duality angst reflects in my head all afternoon at work. Triplicity and infinity my brother. I’m sure my West Tennessee stars would agree, it’s more fun to make two and one with three. Or one and one and one and add another for a lovin’ spoonful of cuddle waves. Dream what you want, but this twin flame nonsense is incomprehensible to me.

Grateful for my angels, trying to transition to the solitude of the faerie bower without being stuck in only my own energy, but finding myself having to shield and block out even those who I thought were oscillating at a higher frequency. There has been a lot of going back within to find my center.