This is Nadeanna’s homeland. Neira is located within a twin star system and has three moons, so it is rarely dark, dark on Neira. Due to cloud cover and fog, light appears diffuse. It is wet and temperate in the forest. Frost and snow are rare, but do occur.

It is never hot in the forest. To experience heat one must go to the prairie or alternately, build a sweat lodge or sauna. Nadeanna feels that some things do not translate well, but they do normally have structures similar to what you would call a bath house, sauna, or sweat lodge. Their primary purpose is to provide warmth, but they are also used for cleansing, meditation, and healing. These places are generally natural hot springs around which a wooden platform is built. A wood-framed, roofed structure is built over the platform. Often there are rock lined beds around the perimeter of the platform in which to placed heated stones, singing stones, herbs, crystals, incense, or offerings.

There are naiads assigned to each spring. However not all naiads are bound to a particular body of water. Some are bound to watersheds and these serve as mediairies to the rest of the political unit which is analogous to the ecosystem or biome.


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