Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta is a volcano in the southern Cascades. Since the Harmonic Convergence for world peace, it is said to be one of seven galactic portals. To native peoples it is the seat of the creator on earth.

18 FEB 2010

Back in Mt. Shasta

“While struggling through it all we’ve got to figure out how to not go to prison for killing or maiming some dumb shit, totally unaware member of vastly lower vibrating society, whose happily going through their life on auto-pilot endlessly regurgitating asinine pre-recorded messages! We are not supposed to continue being co-dependant enablers to the assholes and idiots of the lower world. Nothing brings the point home like trying to carry on a semi-decent conversation with an old friend who is not ascending! It is beyond uncomfortable, it is excruciating, it is frustrating, it is one big fat fucking lie and it is repulsive and makes you want to run for the hills…”, so here I AM, but there were still idiots and assholes, so I came down from the mountain seeking solitude and peace for my soul and sunshine to warm my body. Back home, ah, what a joke! If it weren’t for the other people we might try to make a go of it. Clean, with tight torn hamstrings and tangled hair, an insatiable thirst, bare feet, and a lingering scent of Armani Code I want to be where I was.

” ‘The fake smile is beginning to hurt.’ I could picture you clearly, going round shopping with your friend, a fixed smile stapled to your face. Trying to ‘fit in with the locals’ now feels like hacking at a salt-mine, I’ve stopped trying to force myself to do it.” It’s as hopeless as panning for gold on the Trinity River.

All the gold in California is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in somebody else’s name. So if you’re thinking about California…

Well, fuck Beverly Hills. We’re not even talking about that for chrissake! “He’s a grown man talking to another grown man before a fucking gold-medal victory lap.” Amato Inside. Everything is better, even without chocolate malts, chips, or coke. It’s the sound to my vibration, so on my frequency! Can you feel it, like I feel it? Oh! If I were Shawn White, Amato would be on my i-pod, and spinning at my victory party. Wake up!


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