Look at Me!

I’m still here. Wherever that is. It is not Neirmystico or Mintaka. That’s for certain. Earth B.0? A/B? C? A? Am I now a magickal 5th dimensional being? I don’t think so. Why would a 5th dimensional being get cold? Or have a mouth full of canker sores? I’m blaming apple cider vinegar on that last one.

Did I ascend? Did I get left behind?

I skipped the work holiday lunch today. There’s nothing for me to do at the office today. This morning I paid bills. Now I have $215 to last me until January 5th. My throat hurts from the evil capitalist grip tightening around it. Thank you student loans and auto insurance. You motherfuckers! My advice? Do not go to college if you have to borrow money. It is the worst thing you could possibly do for yourself financially. Do not get a car. If you get a car, get one you can afford to replace with cash, so you don’t have to carry collision or comprehensive. So apparently wherever I am there is still money. Boo! But it seems to mean less. You can’t get more of it. It disappears as soon as you get paid, but somehow there is always enough to keep you from getting your wages garnished , ending up on the street, or starving.

But also skipped the luncheon because it is snowing and I am like a 3 year old. It’s like I still live in Mt. Shasta or Milwaukee. I’m so ‘cited! Let’s keep the temps at 32 so it will snow all day long. Snow! Yay! Snow!

I wonder if the power is still on in Mt. Shasta. They’re cool like that. Manifest a snowstorm for Yule? Copy that. Three days of darkness? No problem. Lights are out.

My electricity is still on. Hence the Internet access and all.

There are little finches flitting about. They are so cute!