Nuvaring in Dry Heat

The lizard person who loved the heat and was like, “Bring it on!” until about 106, is now suffering at 92. What the hell? Maybe I am sick, but this is the first summer in the valley that I’ve been on Nuvaring. In Milwaukee, you expect heat exhaustion, because it’s fucking humid, and you sweat, and sweat and sweat and keep getting hotter and hotter and hotter. I mean, I’m sure the fact that my car gets up to 130 without air conditioning doesn’t help, but really, the last 3 summers I’ve been totally fine until it’s 105. Now I’m nauseous and dizzy when it’s in the upper 80s. I can’t eat without feeling sick. I keep falling asleep after sitting for 15 minutes. Maybe I am having some vitamin deficiency, but seriously, this sucks. I’ve also had tension headaches the last three days, my back aches… ugh!

Mr. X says he feels like he has a cold. B did have a cold when we were working together, but that was like almost 2 weeks ago.

First weekend in June and Mr. X gets called out on a fire this afternoon. The house is supposed to close escrow on the 22nd. Almost nothing is packed. We want to re-paint the interior and redo some of the flooring before moving in. I could be working in Oceanside making over $20/hour but I would have to give up my permanent part-time job here and my chance at landing a second permanent part-time job at the library.

I seriously don’t know how anyone lives in anything but the most slovenly lifestyle anymore. Buying a pound of coffee is enough to cause an anxiety attack. I go around wearing out of style, heavily worn, thread bare, almost rags. Meh…




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