House 2.0

Mr. X put a bid in on a house today. It’s like some freaky Alchemist shit. I’m all like, “But where will an extra $400/month come from? I already feel strapped. I had to wait 3 years to get new jeans and replace my bike rack. What about a washer and dryer and dishwasher and refrigerator?”

I pretty much gave up on the house idea after Milwaukee where they told us they needed verifiable income of $60K for three plus years for a $100K mortgage. Me with verifiable income? Pffffft.

So universe, really truly, I need a job with a lot more take home pay and I need Congress to pass some kind of student loan debt forgiveness bill, true forgiveness. Something more than, “we’ll only take 10% for 10 years, and then we’ll forgive up to $42K” or “we’ll only take 15% of discretionary income for 20 years.” What’s going to happen to me when that Obama Care comes along? I don’t have $250 a month to pay for health insurance, especially not with student loans. I can’t get married with student loans to be on Mr. X’s insurance. Are the fines for not buying insurance going to be less than buying insurance? Are things ever going to be okay again?


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