If someone is buying a house, and someone’s mother’s house is less than 900 sq. ft. but has an almost $800 a month mortgage, then someone else is probably going to be moving to Austin, because there’s nowhere to rent here for $350 a month, at least not with intelligent, clean adults. There’s also no jobs to pay enough for someone having $400/month go out in credit card payments to afford a $600/month place plus utilities which come to another at least $150, and that would be without Internet.

I want to stay here. I want kitties and a yard and a washer and dryer, but I truly feel like a burden because my total household contribution amounts to $250/month toward rent, produce from the CSA, a few groceries, and shit like shower curtains, and paper towels. I am not the one paying the electric or Internet or buying foie gras.

Also, you cannot buy a house in Redding for a $600 month mortgage payment. That might get you $90K if you’re lucky. There’s nothing more than trailers for that price.

Oh well, at least I’ve stayed off the streets for over a year.


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