Sphere of Influence and the Power of Prayer

So you know how I’ve quarantined myself pretty much beginning in May of 2010 upon my arrival back to “The Green Place”? Okay, maybe not. Finally, I sort of start feeling a little better and start feeling okay about going on hikes and talking to people other than Mr. X for the first time since September. I think it might have had something to do with my amount of UV exposure and my ability to not be awoken by chronic pain or my neighbors playing Call of Duty. Synchronicity and manifestation are slowly returning to my life. The energies are so strong that they are seeping down into the valley.

For instance, Denise LeFay posted a “Comment Guidelines” reminder on her Transitions blog. I had almost commented on the prior post, but I was like, “Um, there are already 20+ comments. That’s just your ego wishing people would look at your blog.” I read the Comment Guidelines that day, without commenting. Then I come back to Transitions today and see it posted. Along with the Buddha belly super bloat comments on a previous post.

Then there was the whole bit with my eye twitching last night, and me going, “Oh my God! My digestive system has shut down. Now I am having B-vitamin deficiency symptoms again.” What is the video that Dan the Man has just posted? Oh boo-yah! So if vegans eat good dirt, then they get those micro-organisms that have B-12? I don’t know. My last lettuce was super gritty, and personally, I’m not a fan of gritty lettuce. Thank goodness for salad spinners.

Right, so I had felt a bit better Saturday and Sunday, but then walking to work yesterday, it was like, “Oh no!” By the time I got home I was a super bloated blimp. I was very hungry, but of course feeling stuffed to the gills. I finally decided maybe steamed brown rice with steamed spinach and carrots would be okay. I felt okay enough to sleep, but then this morning, all of the rice I ate for dinner came out, undigested in my bowel movement. Yum! I gave up and am going to the doctor tomorrow. Buddha bloat, intestinal obstruction, or side effects from pharmaceutical contraceptives? I don’t know, but I am really not ready to give up eating and drinking. I mean, I’d probably die from dehydration.


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