Beans, Soup, and Beer

So I came across this article on Growing Cities today: Five Packaged Foods You Never Need to Buy Again. I’ve been really bad about using canned beans this winter. I want to check out the links they provided on how to prepare dry beans. With the small amount of exposure I had to Mexican-American culture in Milwaukee, I’ve always soaked them overnight (at least for pinto or black beans). Ready in 10 minutes? Hardly.

Now that I have my own food processor, it will be much easier to make my own hummus.

It’s nice, that if I go to the health food store I can take in Mason jars to buy bulk foods and not have to use any packaging, at all.

I was trying to convince Mr. X that we should be brewing beer every weekend even though it’s not really cheaper than buying beer, just to be able to reuse the same 50 or so bottles over and over.

But no, he refuses to brew beer (or allow kitties!) in the tiny 900 sq. ft. quad box. Oh well. I did really love his idea about cat runners placed just below the ceiling. Kitties would love that.

Then my friend C. posted this really cool article yesterday: How to Store Vegetables Without Plastic.

It’s more difficult to break habits you’ve grown up with. It’s difficult to change a behavior when your bad behavior feels so convenient and life is so blasted difficult anyhow. However, it might be slowly, slowing getting better, because there is little chance of my generation selling out. When there’s nothing to sell out to, it’s easier to do the right thing.


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