So the organic raw thing had a miraculous impact on reversing kidney damage and I noticed positive results with the ADD and cardiovascular health, but menstrual pain and irregularity kept increasing. I’m unconvinced of its utility in healing endometriosis or restoring female hormonal balance. Hey, I’ve still got all my scars. You’d have to go HARDCORE for decades to get rid of scar tissue.  Nuvaring stopped the bleeding within days and so far, my pain (other than dislocating my rib) has not gotten above a say 4 or 5. Way better than 4 hours every 3 to 4 weeks of FUCK!!! (AKA 9ish on the pain scale) with days of sustained say 7ish (pain so bad it inhibits sleep). That’s like someone putting ice cubes on your feet every time you’re exhausted beyond comprehension. You’d think at some point fatique would win out over pain, especially when it’s within the threshold of tolerance or management. Nope.


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  1. January 4, 2012 at 6:14 AM

    I am under the opinion that pain trumps fatigue most of the time. Still, one would wish otherwise. May your pain and discomfort dissipate, and fatigue give way to comfort and rest.

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