The Darkness

I just can’t shake the horrors which surround me. Humanity, collectively, seems like it is in the darkest place ever known to creation. Everything is superficial. Everyone is enslaved. It’s impossible to cultivate any deep intimacy, and I could work myself to death and still not be able to get out of debt, own a scrap of land, or help Mr. X’s children pay for what I assume to be a useless and futile post-secondary education. Absolutely, 100%, now more than ever, do what the fuck you want and screw the consequences, because even if you do what you think other people will hold you in esteem for, you’re gonna end up in the same shackles. Our only chance for escape is to do what we please, because those money changers don’t understand joy or love. They only understand possession. And oh so many are asleep and/or possessed and I have ZERO patience for it.


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