Stubbed Toe

I cut my right middle toe last night. Slept for an hour and a half and then was awoken with terrible lower back pain and cramping.  This time I get the impression it’s the mattress and digesting apples. But really, Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night. Three nights in a row, after my period is supposedly over. At sundown, I have been overcome with intense pain. Sunday it was so bad I took a prescription painkiller for it. If it is fibroids, then I should completely eliminate dairy and I should lose as much weight as possible. I should become a teatotaller and I should completely quit smoking.

I should…. I should… I should….

When do I get help?

This pain thing and not having a bed is really interfering with my sleep and since daylight savings, I haven’t been able to do anything productive after dark. I haven’t really been able to do anything productive. I am sick of slaying dragons or making the major effort to connect with anything outside myself. No one can even meet me half way, because I am very, very far out at this late date.



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