Texas Indian Pumpkin

What is weird to me is that there can be so many different kinds of pumpkin that are still the same species. This particular variety has a tan skin, fewer seeds inside, is very fiber-y like spaghetti squash, but tastes like flowers. I think I will stick with sugar pie pumpkins and butternut squash. I mean if I want to taste flowers, I guess I will actually just eat flowers. However, the seeds were really yummy. I will probably add a bunch of pepper/chilli to the meat from the other half of the pumpkin and use it in a burrito.

I also got a half bushel of mixed figi and golden delicious apples yesterday for only $8. I have a lot of juicing to do, and I sort of tired of work interfering with my cooking and cleaning time. This weekend was way, way too short.

The other wonderful thing is that I found Leinenkugels here. Do you know how long it’s been? OMG! Yum!

My thoughts on YU-55? Expect your Internet and mobile devices to go wonky. Get extra tobacco, Trident, fill your water containers and have your boots and wool socks on hand, just in case. A Bic lighter goes without saying.


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