Projections of End Times

In my dream last night, I stopped at a ghetto store and got three packs of cigarettes and some Trident gum. There was a message for me at the store from Ken. Then I go to my parents’ house and my very good friend gave birth to her daughter (due in November) in front of my parents’ house. Bam! She just popped out. My friend was a little disappointed that her husband had missed the special moment. Before we cut the cord, she asked, “Should I put her back in?”

Nadeanna, “Uh, no, she’s born now.”

Friend, “Maybe we could put her in this hub cap here.” Trying to take the hubcap off my fofo to reveal a secret compartment.

Nadeanna, “Naw, I mean she’s here. I think we should just cut the cord and you can both go inside, take a bath, stay warm, feed her, relax. E. is on his way.”

So she concedes. We cut the cord. All hell starts breaking lose. The wind picks up and weird shit starts happening in the sky, think the Norwegian blue spiral, but more than one. So we quickly get inside. The bath tub has been freshly cleaned, to my relief, because I was not about to let this new baby bathe in the same place as my dad with his chronic staff infection without sanitizing it first.

My sister and dad are there. I think that my sister had seen us birthing the baby outside on the sidewalk and had cleaned the bathroom during the very, very brief labor. My dad is freaking out about the sky phenomena. He is flipping through the news channels, scanning radio stations on the old portable radio in the kitchen… I was like, “What, what is going on? Is it okay if [my friend] takes a bath, or did you clean it to fill with water?”

We decide that it’s okay for my friend to take a bath. My dad is still freaking out. We’re waiting for my mom, my friend’s husband, and Mr. X. My dad is waiting for earthquakes or something. Everyone outside is still freaking out. My mom gets home and is like, “Oh! Look at the baby!” And with this ‘what the hell happened, she just started going into labor when I left work’. So my mom says how weird the sky is and how cold it’s getting and how people are running around like werewolves and maniacs, screaming, and running through the streets. I get online on my labtop and everything is down. The Internet is still working, but everything is blocked or giving 404 errors or whatever. So I’m still like, “Should I fill water bottles or what?” I’m trying to find my camel pak. Jeremy gets there. We go down into the basement to check out the shelter situation. I’m like, “Look Mr. X, it’s the size of two shipping containers!” The basement is completely empty except for a broken wood burning stove over an old, broken toilet in the southeast corner of the basement. Mr. X and I decide that just in case something is happening, we should go to the campground, being stuck inside is not a good plan. Mr. X chastises me for not having my water full, but the water is still running and the power is still on. We fill all the jugs we can find. Mr. X, my sister and I leave in my car. We can’t find a baby car seat and decide that my friend’s mom or her husband should come get her with her car and new car seat. We will meet at the campground because it’s not really an emergency, but just a government projection to create mass hysteria. Since we all realize it’s an illusion, we are not affected to the same degree as those that are naive and illogical. We have trouble convincing my dad, but he’s like, “Okay. The power is still on.”

When we get to the campground I fill the remaining jugs. There is an older woman with longish silver hair and blue eyes. who I’ve never met before, but feel that I know, and a younger guy with short dreads, also who I’ve never met before, but feel I know. My Milwaukee family is there, but without my son, and Jeremy’s kids are there, but without their mother. There are a few other families, maybe several dozen people in total. Everyone is very calm and we begin set up camps and start coming up with future food and water procurement plans. Mr. X has his water filter.


All I’ve got is water is important and Mr. X is making me crazy with the disaster prepared-ness and shipping container house thing. Possibly, something insane is going to happen in November, but my ability to predict the future pretty much disappeared in 2009. Also Ken is still important in emissary guardian messaging. There are definitely house cleaning elements to this dream, so while it’s crazy, and I was slightly disturbed by it, I’m not taking too much stock in it.

Does this mean I have to go back to Pike River?

Go Pack, Go!


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  1. October 3, 2011 at 7:11 AM

    Seems visions and dreams of great change are all about us. We just had the “should we buy more food to feed neighbors” discussion, yet again. At the same time, we are continuing to do our work, even international travel. We have heard from others who are taking time off from their normal life to travel, teach the prophesies, and work to heal the Hoop of the Earth and Community. Change is certainly in the air. Perhaps it will be with us for some time to come.

    May you and yours be safe, healthy, and filled with joy. May you do the good work.

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