Living Ascended

Remember those moments years ago when you got goosebumps and felt the moment was utterly profound and was going to have a huge impact on your future? Maybe you felt some work of art had opened a window for you to in the divine and sacred world. Maybe you felt touched by an angel or in communion with your higher self. At that time, it seemed as though the moment was evanescent and that it slipped away from your consciousness like an apparition.

Now you are in those moments, one after the other, after the other, in a constant flow of profound moments which shape your future. Instantaneously you are aware of your intentions and the intentions of everyone you pass. There is a little pillar of light emanating from everyone’s crown chakra, and although you may not physically see it, you are aware of everyone’s high self communicating their soul’s intention and being to your higher self.

Magick, ritual, and religion become unnecessary because you no longer need a framework to harness external energies or manipulate the will of others. You no longer need to beseech a higher power to intervene on your behalf. You are in control of your own destiny and you are responsible for dreaming and manifesting all that you are, which being a physical being, manifests itself as a natural outcome of your thoughts, emotions, projections, reactions and reflections. Be careful what you think. Love with all you’ve got. We are here.


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