Fofos is Mofos

So now the driver’s side front door on my car died. I can’t roll the window down unless the door is open. Also I have no a/c and live in Redding, and frequently have to drive I-5 through the central valley. Leaving the window up is absolutely not an option. It’s only a matter of time before the jerry-rigging fails.

I am pretty sure I am selling my car and permanently giving up motor vehicular ownership.

I’ve also decided that unless things change markedly in the next year, I am giving up my phone at the end of my contract, and going completely without a phone. People will have to Skype me or email me, call me at work, or call Jeremy’s work cell. I am probably the only person left in the United States who still finds phone conversations to be a recreational activity. Since everyone else is busy working themselves to death, or playing video games, or watching television, why exactly am I paying $73/month for a phone?


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