Most Recent Farewell

Taylor is trying to get down his swagger, but it looks ridiculous.

You strut across the room and stop inches from my chair. You nailed it, perfect. Not even Johnny Depp could have a better pirate swagger.

Nadeanna: I miss you!

You: It was good to see you.

Nadeanna: It was good to see you too, but I never get to see you!

You (leaning in close to whisper in my ear): That’s so you don’t get addicted to me.

Ensue internal animie waterworks, giant eyes, what have you. Mundane banter over where you shall go and what I am doing. Next part, I’m pruning vegetation, but with like a giant hedge trimmer, not pruning shears, because my pruning shears are still in route from Oregon. There’s a big archway of English Ivy I’m training. It is shady and cool and the place reminds me of Paddy’s, but bigger.

This is playing over the stereo/intercom as you walk out the door.

Then it goes on with toddlers and kitties and water, involving cleaning and mattresses with rubber sheets and planning trips over winter mountain passes: don’t really have time to write that out.

Mr. X turned down some wrong cul du sac on the way home and I almost got arrested…

All I want to eat is tomato sandwiches.


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