Safe House

Well, last night (after the Packer game ahahaha) I was going to do a short post about the beautiful vibrations in my little abode, which is my little corner of Neira in the Sacramento Valley (which can be a stretch to imagine at the end of summer). My ice cubes have been looking like perfect hoar frost for the past few months, with city water, in plastic ice trays! Wow! Then yesterday, the cream on top of my last swig of coffee made this really cool spiral amoeba-type pattern.

I went for a Reiki session in Cottonwood because I woke up just in pain and feeling like a big cat on the war path (Merrrrrhoao!). Wednesday night was not fun. I felt like there were ickies invading and with everything, my energy was going mostly to repair my shoulder and align my body systems.

Last night I felt like I could actually hear the Hathors singing. It was very subtle and blended in with the a/c fan and sprinklers, and ambient noise, but it was there (even if I could almost write it off as imagination). Amendment: I think that it was just the fire radio making telephone tones.

Much better today. My right shoulder is still being retarded and my left ovary sort of feels like it exploded, but my knee is doing better and I feel like energy is moving and the healing process is at work.

Tomorrow I am set to be on the PCT again 10 miles RT with a 2,500 foot elevation gain, out in the full force at 8,000 to 9,000 of any solar flare radiation. I guess if I skip climbing Mt. Eddy, it’s an easy enough hike though. Should be good times. If I want any good tomatoes before Wednesday, I need to be out the door at 6:45 tomorrow so I can hit the farmers’ market before our hike rendezvous, which also means I need to get gas tonight, in case I end up driving.

Wednesday I was having mini panic attacks if I tried to go anywhere besides home or work. I’ve made the wrong turn two evenings in a row trying to get to the library.

I am brutally exhausted.


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