It also occurs to me that as everything is twisting, shifting, disappearing, or repelling me, if we ever do get back to a place like home, I’m trying to remember what I really am deep, deep in my core. At the deepest level, I feel this has to do with collecting and delivering medicinal plants, yet in my current life, there is such an enormous gap of knowledge that it’s unbelievable. Through my role in collecting medicinal plants, I had a deep awareness of the health of the forest ecosystem and watershed and I was a part of it. I was a representative of the watershed of the ecosystem to others, and my means of support was my knowledge of the biochemistry in plants that could bring the biochemistry of animals more into alignment. So when I would deliver plants, I would both gather information about inter-personal relationships within my ecosystem, and be a beacon or billboard of the general status of the watershed within that ecosystem.

If I think about where I am right now, and this sort of shift does happen, that I might end up becoming a trader, simply because I have the ability to navigate, walk long distances in rough terrain, in high altitudes, with a pack and there are not a lot of other people that can do that.

I need to get out, but the sunlight is fading fast. I went to bed last night very soon after my post and did not get out of bed until 7 this morning.


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