Living Ascended

Remember those moments years ago when you got goosebumps and felt the moment was utterly profound and was going to have a huge impact on your future? Maybe you felt some work of art had opened a window for you to in the divine and sacred world. Maybe you felt touched by an angel or in communion with your higher self. At that time, it seemed as though the moment was evanescent and that it slipped away from your consciousness like an apparition.

Now you are in those moments, one after the other, after the other, in a constant flow of profound moments which shape your future. Instantaneously you are aware of your intentions and the intentions of everyone you pass. There is a little pillar of light emanating from everyone’s crown chakra, and although you may not physically see it, you are aware of everyone’s high self communicating their soul’s intention and being to your higher self.

Magick, ritual, and religion become unnecessary because you no longer need a framework to harness external energies or manipulate the will of others. You no longer need to beseech a higher power to intervene on your behalf. You are in control of your own destiny and you are responsible for dreaming and manifesting all that you are, which being a physical being, manifests itself as a natural outcome of your thoughts, emotions, projections, reactions and reflections. Be careful what you think. Love with all you’ve got. We are here.


Faster Than Light?

Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?

Check this out! Subatomic particles measured at faster than the speed of light.

Fofos is Mofos

So now the driver’s side front door on my car died. I can’t roll the window down unless the door is open. Also I have no a/c and live in Redding, and frequently have to drive I-5 through the central valley. Leaving the window up is absolutely not an option. It’s only a matter of time before the jerry-rigging fails.

I am pretty sure I am selling my car and permanently giving up motor vehicular ownership.

I’ve also decided that unless things change markedly in the next year, I am giving up my phone at the end of my contract, and going completely without a phone. People will have to Skype me or email me, call me at work, or call Jeremy’s work cell. I am probably the only person left in the United States who still finds phone conversations to be a recreational activity. Since everyone else is busy working themselves to death, or playing video games, or watching television, why exactly am I paying $73/month for a phone?

Most Recent Farewell

Taylor is trying to get down his swagger, but it looks ridiculous.

You strut across the room and stop inches from my chair. You nailed it, perfect. Not even Johnny Depp could have a better pirate swagger.

Nadeanna: I miss you!

You: It was good to see you.

Nadeanna: It was good to see you too, but I never get to see you!

You (leaning in close to whisper in my ear): That’s so you don’t get addicted to me.

Ensue internal animie waterworks, giant eyes, what have you. Mundane banter over where you shall go and what I am doing. Next part, I’m pruning vegetation, but with like a giant hedge trimmer, not pruning shears, because my pruning shears are still in route from Oregon. There’s a big archway of English Ivy I’m training. It is shady and cool and the place reminds me of Paddy’s, but bigger.

This is playing over the stereo/intercom as you walk out the door.

Then it goes on with toddlers and kitties and water, involving cleaning and mattresses with rubber sheets and planning trips over winter mountain passes: don’t really have time to write that out.

Mr. X turned down some wrong cul du sac on the way home and I almost got arrested…

All I want to eat is tomato sandwiches.

Hooded Figure

So last night when I woke, probably because the downstairs neighbor had gone out the back door beneath my bedroom window to smoke, and I was thirsty and had to pee, for the first second I opened my eyes, I could “see” a hooded figure standing on the opposite side of the bed next to Mr. X. My first thought was, “Great. My old man really is old and the grim reaper is waiting for him,” but this figure had no sickle, and was wearing a brown robe, with a deep, deep hood. He was faceless. His face was just a black void. All energy of his presence had dissipated by the time I began to pee.

Safe House

Well, last night (after the Packer game ahahaha) I was going to do a short post about the beautiful vibrations in my little abode, which is my little corner of Neira in the Sacramento Valley (which can be a stretch to imagine at the end of summer). My ice cubes have been looking like perfect hoar frost for the past few months, with city water, in plastic ice trays! Wow! Then yesterday, the cream on top of my last swig of coffee made this really cool spiral amoeba-type pattern.

I went for a Reiki session in Cottonwood because I woke up just in pain and feeling like a big cat on the war path (Merrrrrhoao!). Wednesday night was not fun. I felt like there were ickies invading and with everything, my energy was going mostly to repair my shoulder and align my body systems.

Last night I felt like I could actually hear the Hathors singing. It was very subtle and blended in with the a/c fan and sprinklers, and ambient noise, but it was there (even if I could almost write it off as imagination). Amendment: I think that it was just the fire radio making telephone tones.

Much better today. My right shoulder is still being retarded and my left ovary sort of feels like it exploded, but my knee is doing better and I feel like energy is moving and the healing process is at work.

Tomorrow I am set to be on the PCT again 10 miles RT with a 2,500 foot elevation gain, out in the full force at 8,000 to 9,000 of any solar flare radiation. I guess if I skip climbing Mt. Eddy, it’s an easy enough hike though. Should be good times. If I want any good tomatoes before Wednesday, I need to be out the door at 6:45 tomorrow so I can hit the farmers’ market before our hike rendezvous, which also means I need to get gas tonight, in case I end up driving.

Wednesday I was having mini panic attacks if I tried to go anywhere besides home or work. I’ve made the wrong turn two evenings in a row trying to get to the library.

I am brutally exhausted.

Open Science

Hey, now that’s an idea! This is quite refreshing because it makes me feel like science can evolve into the new socio-cultural values of “5-D” reality.

My other project of love light heart beams for the week is Scott Knust’s micro-farming of heirloom bulbs in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


It also occurs to me that as everything is twisting, shifting, disappearing, or repelling me, if we ever do get back to a place like home, I’m trying to remember what I really am deep, deep in my core. At the deepest level, I feel this has to do with collecting and delivering medicinal plants, yet in my current life, there is such an enormous gap of knowledge that it’s unbelievable. Through my role in collecting medicinal plants, I had a deep awareness of the health of the forest ecosystem and watershed and I was a part of it. I was a representative of the watershed of the ecosystem to others, and my means of support was my knowledge of the biochemistry in plants that could bring the biochemistry of animals more into alignment. So when I would deliver plants, I would both gather information about inter-personal relationships within my ecosystem, and be a beacon or billboard of the general status of the watershed within that ecosystem.

If I think about where I am right now, and this sort of shift does happen, that I might end up becoming a trader, simply because I have the ability to navigate, walk long distances in rough terrain, in high altitudes, with a pack and there are not a lot of other people that can do that.

I need to get out, but the sunlight is fading fast. I went to bed last night very soon after my post and did not get out of bed until 7 this morning.

New Trunk

Dooooode! I got a new trunk. How cool is that?

The sun is going away. Fall is in my bones. It’s rattling me, and rocking me gently like a hammock. I hope when I ascend I get a real bed.

Oooooh! And we got 11,000 signatures! Yay! Win!