What I Have Accomplished in 40 Weeks in Redding and My Wish List to the Abundant Universe

The Material Comforts

  • replaced glasses
  • replaced sunglasses
  • replaced boots (I’m still not sure about these and probably still want to get smokejumpers for in the mountains, but in any case, a marked improvement of the worn-out Danners)
  • gotten my teeth cleaned
  • gotten one cavity filled
  • gotten a new purse/shoulder bag
  • gotten 4 new bras
  • gotten a record player and a crate of records
  • Live in a place with a gas stove!!!!!!!!!
  • Live in a place with a dishwasher!!!!!!!
  • Live in a place with a garbage disposal
  • replaced snow board bindings
  • got waterproof gloves for snow sports
  • got snow goggles
  • got one new pair of jeans
  • 2 pairs of dressier shoes
  • replaced some make-up
  • replaced bike helmet and biking gloves

Material Comforts Still Needed

  • 5 more cavities to get filled
  • truck
  • bike rack
  • clothes
  • compost pile/bin
  • yard
  • dance studio
  • some sort of sound design equipment to mix and record
  • smokejumpers for intense mountain hiking
  • better waterproof gloves for snowsports
  • helmet for snowsports
  • better snow goggles that don’t fog up (the ones I have would be fine in Colorado or Wisconsin, when it’s actually cold they’re okay)
  • make car be nice
  • juicers that does greens
  • Kitchen aide
  • professional grade blender
  • build solar dehydrator
  • freaking mattress for real (but we need another bedroom so I have somewhere to put my replacement bed)
  • Bivy sack for backpacking trips
  • new/different mountain bike with a larger frame

The Sweeter Things in Life

  • Jeremy
  • permanent type job
  • CSA
  • outdoor recreating buddies/meetup group

Sweet Things Still Working On

  • kitties two bengel kitty sisters, cinnamon
  • babies
  • house – so I can have my own washer and dryer again
  • farm oooh oooh with a peach orchard – I know almost nothing about growing peaches, but… I want to
  • self-sufficiency
  • recording studio
  • art studio with proper lighting (this is going to be damn near impossible to do here based on the architecture in the area – I will probably have to design and built my own loft)
  • Ice rink for figure skating
  • Sisikiyou, I miss you!

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