We Don’t Know What’s Wrong With You, But Here Are Some Pills

After Nina ‘s comment on the human female reproductive cycle, I really wonder when medical practitioners might catch up with the scientific knowledge of human biology. I seriously don’t think most doctors even know what PubMed is, let alone how to use it or apply it in their medical practice. The human body is one complex creation, with thousands of hormones and myriad biochemical reactions taking place constantly. Your physicians’ desk reference is not your one-stop-shop in diagonosing or treating patients.

Well, this is on my mind. I always seem to have premenstrual spotting, since I went off birth control in May of 2008. I do not think I have ovulated since December of 2008. I have been charting my cycle since I finished grad school because I was trying to get pregnant that summer. I have not been pregnant since I had a miscarriage in February of 2008. If I have intercourse before my period, I bleed during intercourse, just as if it were my period. This grosses me out and frustrates me, because I am still horny. There are only 10-14 days per cycle that I can enjoy blood-free sex. Which is even more frustrating when your partner is only home one or two days a week. I am really sure that this is a hormonal problem. I also think I have fibroids.  Jeremy wants me to go to the doctor, but all they want me to do is go back on birth control. How the hell is that going to help if I did actually want to get pregnant, and why the fuck would I want to deal with the weight gain and the total bitch factor and the gianormous boobs when we already have a very effective method of birth control? The actual diagnostic tests that should be done for this situation are not at the beginning of the bulleted list in what to do for abnormal vaginal bleeding, and they are very expensive, and…

Even when I was ovulating, I seemed to have a short luteal phase. When I was trying to get pregnant I was taking raspberry leaf and chaste berries in the hopes of extending my luteal phase. I wasn’t underweight, but I was performing manual labor every day and not properly nourished. My body fat percentage was probably getting below 20%.

Now I can afford to eat. I’m not so buff, but it’s like even worse.

I really think this has something to do with an underlying endocrine problem, which could be a genetic defect in how my body responded to chronic stress.

But do you think any doctor would listen to any of this? Hell to the mother-fucking no!

Basically, I just don’t want to bleed during intercourse when I’m not on my period and I don’t want dehabilitating cramps and I don’t want to take hormonal birth control. I want to know that I can still have children, even though in my personal opinion I am too old to have my first child.

So really, isn’t there some other solution?

All of my health issues seems to come back to B vitamins, so what is wrong that is making me not absorb them or burn through them at an astonishing rate?

What other supplements could I take to get my hormones in balance if I am have anovulatory cycles or short luteal phases with too little progesterone?

Fix it damn it!


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