In the Kitchen, Wacky Raw Cracky

I’ve only been up for just over an hour. I did two sets of sun salutations and made the bed. The rest of the time has been in the kitchen. So far I’ve only made coffee and strawberry smoothie.

I am thinking today is the big day to get the dehydrator going for pulp cracker manifestation. I am asking/praying for guidance. I am feeling that I should puree all my left over garlic and an onion or two. Part of me still wants to hot box trays or something. I think it would go faster, and somehow the sun power would make the end result better. If it were winter, I would probably use the oven.

Some of the raw foodies say over 105 is too hot. A hot box or solar dehydrator would surely get warmer than that on a day like today. My feeling is that as long as it’s not pasteurized (160 degrees), it’s good. I still eat cooked foods. I just don’t want to eat overcooked foods or foods with preservatives.

I’m also thinking about making bread today because I am really, really hungry. I all ready ate 2 plums, a carrot, and all the squash from my farm box yesterday for dinner. I just drank the last of my strawberries. Seriously, is anything as yummy as strawberry puree with a hint of lime? What a sumer food!

I liked this video for pulp cracker manifestation. I have one of those crazy old school circular jobs though, so making a template and cutting parchment paper is going to be a challenge.

It’s already 9, so I don’t think I will manage the farmers’ market today. I understand it’s really hot and all, but some people just can’t move before noon.

Jeremy took the extra coffee grinder to Likely, so I could grind flax seed, but grinding it in the dedicated coffee grinder is kind of gross.


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