I had planned to get there around 10:30. I don’t think I can bear being in public alone. I want to stay home and futz in the kitchen.

I feel so…. overwhelmed. Like I’m supposed to be the expert, but I’m going to learn. I know nothing. I was invited and so to show my good faith effort to build working relationships, even though I’m socially inept and having major personal/spiritual/health issues… If only Jeremy were here and he could go with me. It’s so much easier, because then I’m not being bombarded by everything. Hmmm… pretty sad when your significant other has to become a shield for you to run errands or go out into the world.

I only had a smoothie for breakfast. I should eat something more, but… it’s not in the flow, so it will take more time and only end up upsetting my stomach.

I don’t know what to wear. The weather is so f-ed up right now. It’s like 20 degrees below normal. This weather is typical for October.

I need to summon some mighty courage.


I still can’t believe that Technics is stopping production on 1200s and 1210s. Is this really true? Will I be the last one alive with a turn table? Surely there is a large enough vanity and audiophile market to keep pressing vinyl and keep manufacturing turntables? Everyone prefers it for their home music system.


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