From the Heavens She Came

In my dream, there was a giant bird, at least with a giant windspread, I was in what looked like my parents’ yard, but I’d also been convinced in my mind that I was still somewhere at home… anyhow, back to the action. The wingspan of this bird blocks out the sun above. Everyone was wowed. My mom, my sister were out there, Teagan, and I felt like someone Dustin or Ben had introduced me to from Happy Camp. My dad, Jeremy, Liz, Taylor, and the girls were staying somewhere in the house or nearby but weren’t outside. The bird began swooping down, and as it got closer and closer, I put my arms up  to protect my neck and crouched down. This enormous black bird landed on me, but did not attack me. The man from Happy Camp was like, “That’s very sacred.” I was debating releasing the bird at the lake (Lake Michigan) or going up to Keswick dam (!?!) to release her, but a severe thunderstorm was impending. We could already see the clouds darkening the sky and feel the wind begin to shift.

After deciding that I could not release the bird as seemed proper to me, the bird still clung to my presence and draped herself around my shoulders, transforming from a condor to a creature slightly more elegant with an incredible black and red design on her back feathers.

Upon waking I feel as though it’s a condor-phoenix symbol. The most powerful moment in the dream is when the bird swooped down and “chose” me, rather than my adoptive son. Together the bird changed me into a powerful shaman through her symbolism and I changed her from a carrion-eater, reliant upon flesh, to a mythical phoenix and symbol of rebirth.


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