Things That Make You Go Hmmm

The east China mirage? What’s up with that? Fog? A mirage? The pulling apart of realities? A hoax?

Clocks speeding up in Sicily? Just digital clocks? What about mechanical clocks? Atomic clocks? Electric analog clocks?

Lately, seriously, it’s very difficult, nearly impossible to share reality with any entity outside of myself.

My back aches and I am restless, so very very restless, like an animal when there’s an approaching major low pressure system. Yet I am exhausted beyond comprehension and unable to sleep. When I can sleep, it is restless dream-filled sleep, interrupted by spikes in body temperature or awakening in pain. I cannot concentrate and everything frustrates me, so I am giving up on this post, smoking, and then trying to sleep. The feeling of waiting and waiting and waiting intensifies because there is so little remaining for distraction. I cannot be distracted anymore.

Oh yeah, it’s raining, in Redding, at the end of June. I think today was one of the most eerie weather phenomena I’ve ever experienced. Slate grey skies with rain and rain and more rain in the 9 p.m. twilight, the temperature never rising above 65 degrees all day, in one of the hottest cities in North America in the first week of summer?


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