All Almond Milks are Not Created Equal AKA Why Winco Loses

Why is there evaporated cane juice in my Diamond Almond milk!?!

Why do I have to check the labels on everything I buy?

I don’t have time to make everything from scratch everyday. I can’t make almond milk at home.

Now I have to drink the remainder of the half gallon of sugary slop. I just may dump it out if I get to Trader Joes to get the unsweetened variety. That’s $3 down the drain, but it’s not really good for anything beyond calories. Close your eyes, chug, and try not to realize that it tastes like you’re drinking sugar syrup.

The last 4 times I have gone to the grocery store, and I’ve walked into the produce section, I swear, I’ve been able to smell the pesticides. I was so grossed out at Winco yesterday, I might just give up shopping at all. I felt as though I were walking through isles of skull and crossbones trying to sniff out the 10% that might still be low toxicity, as though I were in some modern nightmare of Upton Sinclair’s creation.


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