Guess that was it for triple digits. Next week highs are forecast in the low 80s. I definitely want to go swimming today while it is still above 90.

I also can’t really eat yet today. The thought of eating anything besides O&H Danish bakery or free range pork sausage is making me nauseous, so we’ll see how the morning goes with just coffee, water, and sunshine. I’ll take an apple with me to work for emergency. Guess my plan is to walk. Then maybe I will walk to the field office and try to rescue Jeremy to come run errands and go swimming. We’ll see. I think I’m getting him a watering can for his birthday.

I think we need to move the tomatoes. They are not getting enough sun.

Next weekend is independence day!?! That’s about the point in summer I start getting sad. Where is the time going? It just stopped being winter two and half weeks ago! There is just no space or time this year.


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