Is it warm/hot enough to go swimming? Not at Castle Lake, that’s for sure. Maybe at Brandy Creek? Is it going to be super crowded? Will I be able to find parking? Will I get lost?

When is Jeremy coming home? Did he get repositioned? Does he have to do more than a 14 day rotation? Did his cell battery die? Is he okay?

What is going on with my back? Yes sunbathing today is definitely a good idea no matter what.

I need to go shopping. I hate shopping, but living on vegetables is not really a viable option. I ate an entire casserole dish of stuffing between dinner and breakfast because I felt so depleted of complex carbs. I’m not sure how complex the carbs are in whole wheat, but leaves and raspberries were not quite doing it. I can tell I am dropping weight again.

Wash artifacts? Laundry? Cleaning? Or just more napping?

Spidey is still hanging out in the kitchen.

Well, universe, if somehow in my adventures today I could find a glass container in which to make sun tea, I would be pleased as punch. Also if I can muster the energy to go shopping. It’s so taxing on me.

I was going to say something philosophical about Juneteenth, but it’s been done before, and I’m sure much better than I could muster.


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