Crystal Creek

I did make it to the preserve last night. There were lots of ducks and red-winged black birds and some little, tiny water bird that I don’t know, a black-tailed jack rabbit, and lots of dragonflies and bullfrogs. I got in another 4 miles or so.

I woke up after dawn with cramps, went back to bed to dream, woke up again at 8:30ish.

According to Denise Lefay, and I suppose, Carl Calleman, we’re still in night 3. It started last Tuesday. Tuesday night into Wednesday kind of sucked. I almost felt like I was under attack. Yet, Wednesday was not so bad. I stayed home and tried to reign in the chaos by doing laundry and such, but I could only manage to run one errand before succumbing to the hopeless exhaustion.

I discovered Ray Tomes and his harmonic theory yesterday. I absolutely must write more on this soon.

All I want to do is get back to the Trinities.

I feel sort of bad it’s almost 10 and I’m not leaving for work yet. It will be a very hot walk by the time I leave, and if my email is still not operational, I’m not sure it’s worth going in. I was going to call in, but the 3 hours this morning of extra sleep and I’m fine.

I am still so frustrated by the lack of appropriate music for this time.


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