Keyshia Cole


You have such a gorgeous voice, but I really feel like you’re not singing what you most want to sing in your heart. I’m not sure quite what that is, but I do feel like you’re wasting an amazing gift singing bubblegum R&B. I’m praying for you to embrace your heart’s desire and your true calling, maybe selfishly, because I feel like it’s your voice I’m hearing in that frequency gap. I need music for where I am right now and I hear your voice. But anyhow, it’s sort of strange. I’ve never, ever been this compelled to pray for a “famous” person. I don’t have your amazing voice, so I can’t even begin to get out what I can hear, even if I had the time to spend on music. But you? You got it! So go get it girl! I’ve got your back and we’re waiting.

Love endlessly,


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