Days of Distribution

So there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even if I still never know how to do what I am doing. Clarity in communication is hard to come by.

Wesak moon festival marks my arrival. My cycle is flip-flopped, but how potent it felt to be in it on such an auspicious day. I’ve been thinking a lot of how coming here was liking entering the pages of a fairytale story book. Here I am, living in a fairytale! Mystical volcanoes, naiads, giant trees, azure blue skies, crystal clear rivers, amazing heroes… So I start the third year.

I got to go skiing on Sunday, at Lassen, in May, with over 3 inches of fresh snow!!! It was so fabulous!

Monday night I fell asleep in Jeremy’s arms and it was so profoundly peaceful. I felt so loved and protected and exactly right!

I feel like learning how to be in a relationship is coming more easily.

I am sure my yearning to return to the mountains will grow increasingly strong once summer tries to return again, but I feel as though it will all happen in due time. Maybe next year, but as fast as time goes, I will be there before I even know it. If I can get away at all, I am hoping to explore The Triangle for the Cabin Creek access to the PCT. I would love to go back to Wheeler Ranch, but I need a truck to get there. I’m not sure where to leave my car, or if hiking in is even possible. I think backpacking overnight in bear country could be a completely new challenge.

The new prescription is not working as well as I had hoped, so I will probably be back at the optometrist in the near future. I feel like I have traded clarity in far distance vision for improved depth perception, so although this is better than what they are replacing, it’s so not good enough for me to confidently drop another $500 for new glasses.


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