Dental Work

So, the good news is I got my teeth cleaned and got a $120 SonicCare toothbrush for $65. The not so good news is that I have two new cavities. The two “starter” cavities I had are now into the dentin, and both my existing fillings need to be replaced because they are starting to leak and have decay surrounding them. WTF! Six fillings and a second cleaning (luckily my obsessive dental hygiene has allowed me to avoid a scalar replaning) to the tune of over $1500. Wow! Think of what else I could do with that much money, like oh, pay rent for 6 months. ACK!

So I am sure the universe will provide for me somehow, but… baby boomers. You have no clue how rough your parents had it or how bad it is for your children. You’re spoiled and selfish and it’s time you pay your fair share of taxes, because people ought not to have lost all their teeth just because they couldn’t go to the dentist.

The thing with my grand parents was also, that yeah, they died with out their teeth, or at least with excessive tooth loss, but by the time it got that bad, they had ample funds for dentures. Getting cavities filled is way cheaper than dentures. Of course you know, being so poor you have to brush your teeth with baking soda…

I love how in this society it would have to be to the point of having a tooth abscess and nearly kill you before you could get any help.

Things have to change and they have to change 40 years ago.

We’re gonna shake this aquarium so hard that we’re going to send a lovewave back in time to transmit a frequency to help us overthrow this fucked up timeline and replace it with one in which anyone willing to give dignity and respect, is treated with such. No questions or exceptions.



  1. March 5, 2012 at 5:08 AM

    Nadeanna, Teeth are such powerful, and visible, symbols of wealth. Dental care is indeed expensive, and becoming ever more so. Of course, nutrition is a part of tooth loss – sugar and other poor quality carbs have been implicated in tooth degeneration, along with a host of other health issues – and is closely associated with socioeconomic status. Living on reserve is not good for one’s teeth.

    I’m glad you can afford the care your grandparents could not.

  2. nadeanna said,

    March 5, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    Thanks Micheal, I’m not sure I’m glad yet, my grandparents could afford dentures or partials by the time their teeth fell out. Since I’m pretty sure we’re on a perpetual downward economic slide due to having surpassed peak oil production, I doubt I will be in the same place they were financially when I’m in my 60s. On the plus side, 5 of 6 teeth have been fixed since last May. I have one tooth left which may possibly need a root canal, which I will probably just have extracted, but I’m waiting for my tax refund, because even if I go to the sliding scale clinic instead of my regular dentist, a root canal and crown are EXPENSIVE.

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