Let love be your transcendent vehicle.

Everything else is going to pot, crashing down around you. You’re drinking radio active water, eating radio active food, and so exhausted 24/7 that you can barely move. Most people around you are in a deep coma, watch television, and eat stuff that would kill you quick, like lick-it-dee spilt were you to eat it. There’s sheeple driving F-350s and non-sense everywhere you turn with only pin pricks of light. Upgrade now. Balance transfer now. On and on and on. Step back corporations, I only deal on the level.

Yet, you are the irrational, “bat-shit” crazy one?

Fuck that jazz. Take back your sovereignty, on your terms.

But I’ve said this all before. And if you are getting on this ship, I all ready threw the maps overboard. GPS is no longer allowed on this vessel, and the sextant is useless because the stars are shifting, which is why I threw out the maps anyway, and that the Captain abandoned the ship, but it’s all just a story.

It’s not what you do, but how you are.


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