Where and When and How the Fuck

Language and time fail me, so it seems from here.

I wonder what it is like when we or you or me becomes one of those “peculiar looking” familiar strangers that walk on by. You know what I’m talking about. Some people never see you, never acknowledge you. You exist in their ether. It’s so hard to buzz and focus in on them now, but then a stranger smiles, and you know that they are where you were when you were witness to the glowing ones. It’s pretty rad. It gives me hope that “teletransportation” is in my future.

It’s all mountains and rivers and clouds and avian cacophony with yellow-green pollen swirls over all inanimate objects and black soil teaming with micro-organisms. Life abounds and pulses and I spin and twirl and wobble.

And then there is the incomprehensible disconnection because of the inability to buzz and focus. The ones who had been a constant presence, everything is scatter-shot to multiple levels of out-of-touchness. They may be dead or fine and frisky, but you’d never know because you’re in this world and no one else has got here yet or they chose to go somewhere else and because almost no one came from where you’re from its lonesome and almost no one not from here has chosen to jump on this ride, but it’s fantastic because it can dissolve so easily, but just yet I’m not really navigating, so much as floating and observing. I already done did navigate and then I threw out the maps, just to see, what it would be like. So time stopped really, and I am still in those moments of last winter, going, seriously, what the fuck? This is so fucking cool! I am in paradise. Rock the fuck on!


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