Adventures in NorCal

Wow, whoa! I hope I can keep up with all this. I need reinforcements to help with laundry, dishes, and food preparation.

The first spectacular spring day at home yesterday and I slept through it because my train was 6 hours late and I couldn’t seem to sleep during that time, but I did get to have some decent, sleep-deprived conversations with folks while waiting.

I get to leave to go back to the capital tomorrow.

The 17th is my first day which I have thus far not scheduled any activities for.

Wobble, wobble

Look where you’re going, not where you’re at.

Two pieces of french toast, a bowl of orange ice cream, and two glasses of milk is all I’ve had to eat all day. I’m not sure how far we rode tonight, but I have no energy or desire left to try to consume the rest of the calories. All I want to eat right now is smoked salmon, avocado, and hummus, and perhaps some bread type thing with the hummus, and perhaps some juice. I really wish I had a magic juicer because there are a ton of apples, and I just can’t go through the effort of cutting and chewing right now.

Hmm, see Monday morning I wanted to write up more of my observations from my Sacramento trip, but by now, they no longer seem relevant. Experienced and processed. ZOOOM zoom!


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