What the End Times Means to Me

I don’t have to worry about shoulds, should haves, coulds, or could haves.

I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me or about me, except for maybe myself and Jeremy. We are a coalescing unit that frequently comes together from our individual selves and create an entity that is not expected from the sum of our parts. I feel that when we are together in this way, neither of us recognizes ourselves, but this unit, cohesive whole we create in our togetherness.

Money is out the window, at least any emotional hook the money used to have as the only path to salvation, aka freedom.

What is meant to be for me to enjoy is in my palm or on its way to my doorstep.

Abundance is for real.

There is no fear.

There is no jealousy.

Grace, kindness, blessings, hugs, and love are available when needed.

Everyone is honest and transparent.

Others appreciate the genuine authenticity displayed in everyone as the pursue their heart’s highest calling.

Time is irrelevant beyond what is noticed from the sun and moon because everything comes together or draws apart as it is meant to, in harmony with divine will because aligning oneself to one’s god self, one can do no less and as we all enter our personal Christhood, the real second coming, we are able to commune with the higher selves of other, unity consciousness and well translation fails here, but it gets all lovely and beautiful from here on out.

However, as I shift into this new frequency zone, I am finding it difficult to find music and media that match my current vibration. I don’t really have time to create those sorts of things right now, and maybe no one else does ether, but I think there is going to be a growing demand for new expression and entertainment as we enter into this new being-ness. Surely, that is the calling for some of us. I look forward to being inspired by your work.



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