Today’s Signposts

The Fucking Hilarious Trip

I guess they really did get rid of GeoCities. I imagine million little slaves data mining the collective works we produced. This is hilarious in its own right, because well, it’s gone the way of the Hole in the Universe.  Because we don’t need heroes or wayshowers or maps anymore.  Also the machine elf night is every night. I need to remember what it felt like to get up and go, even when I’m not leaving.

River, River

Really, don’t you get it? Rivers, everywhere are the same. Except for the River Styx. But the Root River vibes just like the Sacramento does, only it was smaller. Mirror mirror take me home.

Herkimer Diamond

It’s the mention of the nature of the universe. Carl Sagan meets Einstein in a dimensional vortex blender. I found my love and I took her down. I climbed a mountain and I looked around. Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? I can’t see the ocean from the mountain top and I am down in the valley anyway. Mountains hey? But so, so, so, swooning with the amethyst. My love, broken and unrecognized, so it ends. Because I can feel them all like homemade ice cream. The ones pure and right of heart. Love, love, love. Somehow at my core the love of my first sister tints the frequency of them all when we are still today, all the ways we are connected to each other thrill me. We are the same being and yet we are different just enough. She mirrors my grandfather and the rock in the river the secret 100 year old Scilla siberica in the Spring. They epitomize all that we brought.

Anyway, I thought I might sleep with the diamond tonight, especially after someone on Transitions said they slept with a rose quartz last night.

Also, gemstones have a way of finding you. I don’t like to buy them so much, unless it was serendipity that led me to them.

Elusive Dance Country Meets Snow Chalet Energies

I keep dreaming we turn the McCloud River Mercantile Hotel into a hippie rooming house/ski chalet. I dreamed I visited Zackary at the said location which has been in my dreams a lot in the last year and somehow that all relates to everything else of today because as soon as I got over the “being a girl sucks” vibe, I was onto the fucking hilarious trip and well, Jeremy and I were talking about it last night, tripping, and I was thinking how it was a good thing I’d done hallucinogens before, but that’s not really the word I’m thinking of, but I’ve forgotten the word. #hate language. It’s so primitive and frustrating! But we were discussing how now it is like when you are coming out of it and trying to put your world back together. I don’t know if I’ve arrived or made it or whether I missed the ship and got left behind, but it was my ship anyway. I mean I was the navigator, so haha, the joke’s on you, or at least it’s not on me, but I can laugh about it, because although I can’t explain it, I get it, totally. Or at least I can laugh myself into believing I do, but I’m not really laughing, I’m only laughing on the inside.

One of the bands of Pomo called themselves People of the Water Lily Place. That is rad.

Something about lilies reminds me of home so much, but especially the scilla, that color and when that color is naturalized against giant tree trunks and the neon green of spring…. oh!

But really, it’s sort of fun living revelations.

Every sprout and seed

Every Flower and tree

Every child and beast

Every one of these

Done up to the Ts

Wild and willing

To this is the thrilling

Demand forth to spilling

Light and life

We are promised to bring

Yeah so we didn’t like that story be whatever truth to it, it had been tainted and manipulated that they should take the tree and the lily and pervert their sacredness so. The heart of the Earth has shifted. She too has a will Mr. Judaeo-Christian dude sir. Nah na na na, hey, hey, good-bye.

Arena Point and Fort Bragg are calling but I have many miles to go before that trip.


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