I really feel like I need to stay home today and have menstrual hut moon time. I am a week off on my cycle again. It’s not that I dread going to work today, it’s just that I’m feeling very nesty and creative.

I am fearing and anticipating the horrid contractions. If I get the slightest bit out of flow, I feel I am doomed.

I think Jeremy induced the beginning of this. I mean, I was half expecting it today, but I was figuring that the bad day would be Sunday, on my day off and that it wouldn’t really feel like a day off.

I am so freaking lost right now, and I ought to be at work. Like how is it 9:30 already and how can I have possibly been up for so long already and I can’t imagine that I will be ready to go in less than an hour.

I really, really need to do some focused energy work, consciously today.

Oh well, here goes to another day in which I wander around feeling like I’m coming down off of some powerful mind trip.

What is this? Where am I? How can my back be so tight and not hurt? OMG! What happened?



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