Mr. X used the rest of the apple celery salad to make stuffing. I went hiking today and he made a turkey. I am so glad my man can cook.

Okay, so then on Friday, which seems like a month ago, I take off of work Monday to go snowboarding. Some other people are going so I thought if they’d be willing to do wussy runs with me, then I can try out my new set up. I got Burton bindings, now with a 19 inch, slightly setback stance, dialed in at 15+ in front and 6+ in back. (Yes, it will be powder tomorrow). I think the front toe strap is going to help keep my feet from going numb. Okay, so yes yes I want to go and work on skidded turns and all that, but Friday Monday was looking like a blue bird day and now there is a 70% chance of snow with 1-3 inches in Mt. Shasta city and snow levels down to 1,500 feet. Boo! And then…. Mr. X is kicking me out tomorrow so I won’t be a distraction while he tries to finish TFM, for once and for all (I hope!)

I hate driving in snow, and 60 miles is a LONG way to drive in crap. Oh yeah, like 60 miles each way. I’m nuts, but… how awesome is my boyfriend? Making me dinner and telling me to go snowboarding?


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