Sonora, Part II

Today we watched this documentary about green architecture. It was some PBS series, e 2 design. The architect, Sergio Palleroni, was a professor at UT (Austin was my second home until I moved to California). Anyhow, they went down to Sonora, MEXICO to build low income housing for some indigenous people there out of local materials. It was a total AH-HA moment. Something about the Sonora signpost/connection and the pastel-painted adobe and the amazing sunlight in the courtyards…. I am homesick for Dunsmuir most definitely, but I think I’m meant to be on a farm in the valley, with an adobe house I helped to build myself, living communally with some down ass folk, and raising goats with orchards and maybe olives and almonds.

Sonora is on the radar, and I hope to get down there this summer. (the California one anyhow)

A juicer is only about $100. I might have to play with numbers some more, but I think I am ordering one.

Microlending presented itself to me after finding yesterday that banks no longer pay interest on savings accounts. 0.05% Really? What the fuck is that? Might as well take part in something mutually beneficial instead.

It snowed today and there is currently a winter storm warning (for 3 inches of snow!?!). Let’s see if the power goes out.


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