Honda Honda

Apparently I purchased an old, used Toyota Corolla because the Fofo was really sketching out on me. I recall being by the bluffs along Lake Michigan, reminiscent of South Mil, Katy and Amber were there. The cars were parked in some strange spot in some old lady’s driveway to get them off the street, but then there was this copper/burnt orange colored like 1980 Honda Civic and someone said it was for me. It had under 120,000 miles on it. I asked Amber to move it for me, down the hill to the house we were actually staying in, and out of this lady’s driveway. I was moving the fofo and Corolla. Once it was moved I was like, “So does it run?”

A:  “Yeah.”

me: “And it’s all smooth and nice?”

A” “Yeah it seems fine. Try it yourself when you get time.”

So I’m all excited and Mr. X comes and I’m like, “Check out this Honda!” which by now I had morphed into a cross between the CRX and CRV. A 4-wheel drive Civic? Didn’t Subaru or Volvo have something like this back in the day? I think the car must’ve been manual, so that’s why Amber moved it and why I needed Mr. X to take me for a test drive.

Anyhow, weird. Mr. X interprets the dream as my having 3 craptastic alternatives, with one being slightly better and able to replace the most craptastic alternative that is currently running. One which I can barely afford to purchase, which is the “back-up” or becomes the back-up and one which is given to me, which is really not what I need, but is better than what I have.

+scratches head+

Winter has returned to the north valley. It will remain dark for several days. I get to drive to work because it’s raining.

I need to go to the library to copy an article.

I really want to have the day off to bake and nap, but probably I should get in, do what I can do, and go to the library afterward.


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